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Monday, February 27, 2006

A Call to Commit to the Spirit of EDSA 1

As we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of EDSA 1, we recall how we, as one nation, held our heads up high before the rest of the world with the clear message that a revolution need not be violent. And proud we were when many nations followed suit, guided by the principles and values upheld at the very first EDSA Revolution.

Ironically, in these times of socio-political unrest and uncertainty, the spirit of EDSA 1 is threatened by dark forces demanding a swift resolution to the national crisis. It is this context that we at SIMBAHANG LINGKOD NG BAYAN, call on the Filipino people to renew their commitment to the spirit of active non-violence that guided the very first EDSA Revolution.

We particularly uphold the following:

1.. That we go through this crisis within the parameters set by our constitution. We reject the unconstitutional acts of military adventurist and other parties seeking to overthrow the government through violence.

2.. That we vigorously and conscientiously pursue the call of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines to search for the truth. We call on the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government to lead the nation in this search by exhausting all constitutional alternatives in an impartial and expeditious manner. We entreat our leaders to open more avenues for the peaceful resolution of the national crisis instead of shutting off all constitutional options we can take.

The spirit of the times denies us the peace and unity we have always yearned for. There are no easy solutions to our predicament. But we are not about to give up as a nation. We continue to pursue the elusive truth because we believe that the Spirit of EDSA 1 can be and should be the spirit of the times.

As we re-live the spirit of EDSA 1, let us rekindle our commitment to social change and renewal through active non-violence.

Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan

Maki-alam. Manalangin. Manindigan.


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